TTS Launches WorkPlace by Meta: Revolutionising Internal Communication

On the 13th of July 2023, Tourvest Travel Services, a leading travel and tourism company, hosted an electrifying event at its Bryanston Office to mark the launch of its revolutionary internal communication platform, WorkPlace by Meta. This innovative platform promises to transform the way employees interact, collaborate, and stay informed within the organization.

WorkPlace by Meta is a private, internal communication platform designed to keep Tourvest employees connected, informed, and engaged. Functioning similarly to a Facebook-style platform, it enables seamless communication across different departments, locations, and hierarchies, ensuring that no one is left out of the loop.

The event was an unforgettable affair that showcased Tourvest’s commitment to employee engagement and collaboration. Thanks to the platform’s live broadcasting feature, employees from various regions, including London, Mauritius, Plettenberg Bay, Nelspruit, and Knysna, had the opportunity to tune in and participate virtually. The event was thoughtfully designed to make every employee feel involved, regardless of their location.

Gareth Cliff, South Africa’s number one podcast host, kicked off the event, setting the stage for a day filled with excitement and anticipation. As the charismatic host introduced Morne du Preez, Tourvest’s CEO, the audience’s anticipation reached its peak.

Morne took the stage and eloquently highlighted the paramount importance of communication within any successful business. He emphasized that WorkPlace by Meta would act as a powerful tool to ensure that every employee remains well-informed and well-connected, regardless of their role or location. Its ease of use and familiar social media functions encourage a sharing culture, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among employees.

During the launch, Morne also unveiled the company’s ambitious plan to roll out WorkPlace by Meta to other Tourvest divisions. This strategic move would foster improved collaboration and communication across the organization, facilitating a seamless flow of ideas and information, and further strengthening Tourvest’s position as a leader in the travel and tourism industry.

The event was skillfully sponsored by Lift, an organization renowned for its creativity and flair. The setup of the event resembled an airplane, with seats arranged in rows and an aisle between them. The ambiance truly mirrored the theme, with snacks served in custom graze boxes and distributed in an airplane-style fashion by friendly cabin attendants pushing trolleys. The attention to detail and immersive experience made every employee feel like a VIP.

What made the launch even more extraordinary was the inclusion of Tourvest employees who couldn’t physically attend the event. The events team ensured that each staff member across the country received graze boxes so they could engage with the launch festivities remotely. This thoughtful gesture exemplified Tourvest’s commitment to inclusivity and employee well-being.

The launch of WorkPlace by Meta represents a giant leap forward in Tourvest’s Employee Value Proposition. By investing in cutting-edge technology that encourages employee engagement, collaboration, and fun, Tourvest reaffirms its dedication to providing a dynamic and fulfilling work environment for its staff.

In conclusion, the launch event of WorkPlace by Meta was nothing short of a resounding success. Tourvest showcased its commitment to innovation and employee engagement, and the introduction of this powerful internal communication platform is set to transform the organization’s way of working. As WorkPlace by Meta takes center stage within Tourvest, it signals the beginning of a new era of seamless communication and enhanced collaboration, propelling the company to even greater heights in the travel and tourism industry.


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